Error: Cannot open file. The QDF file is from a later version of Quicken

Product Version
Windows 2016
Windows 2017
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You'll get this error when your Quicken data file was backed up in a newer release of the program than what you are opening your data file in when you get this message.   

As an example, let's say you had Quicken 2016 Release R12 installed on your old computer and you bought a new computer.  You've installed Quicken 2016 on your new computer, but haven't updated it to the latest release. You're trying to open your data file in Quicken 2016 R1, but it wants you to be in the same version and release you made your backup. You can find the version number by selecting Help > About Quicken.  

 Ok, I get it.  What do I do?

Update Quicken to the latest release. Once Quicken is updated, you'll be able to restore your backup.

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