Error Downloading Transactions After Upgrading Quicken: OL-301, OL-293, OL-220, or OL-221

One of the following errors can occur when you try to update your accounts online after upgrading from a discontinued product:

  • OL-293
  • OL-301
  • OL-220 or OL-221
  • "Quicken is unable to get financial institution information for <name of institution>..."

What do I do?

Important Note: If you are experiencing a problem with the new version of Quicken connecting to the internet after the upgrade, that issue must be resolved before following any of these instructions. See Connectivity Troubleshooting to resolve issues with Quicken connecting to the internet.

  1. Refresh Branding & Profile for each financial institution in the file. See for instructions.
  2. Deactivate accounts that are no longer available at the financial institution(s). See for instructions.
    • NOTE: If you are unable to deactivate a closed account because the financial institution is rejecting the online banking session with an error, consider using the Close Account feature in Quicken.
  3. Reactivate accounts that are still available at the financial institution(s) but no longer appear in the One Step Update Settings window. See for instructions.

 If following the instructions for resolving Connectivity, Refresh Branding & Profile, or Deactivate/Reactivate fails to resolve the issue you're encountering:

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