Error: LA 2014: Your Online Backup account is disabled.

You will be informed that your account is disabled or inactive for the following reasons:

  • You requested cancellation by contacting Customer Support.
  • Your credit card was declined.
  • You contacted your credit card company and disputed the service charge.

For additional information or to re-activate service, contact Customer Support.

To reactivate your account, go here. Please have your Account ID and your Password for Online Backup available. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your Account ID and Password in the form provided, then click Continue.
  2. Your existing/previous level of service will be preselected. If you wish to continue with the same level of service, click Continue.
  3. If you wish to change your level of service, select the option desired and then click Continue.
  4. Update your Billing and Credit Card information and click Continue.
  5. The next screen will notify you of your updated account information. Click Close.

Note: If you receive an "Invalid Account" message when attempting to reactivate an account, you have likely surpassed the 30 day window for reactivating.

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