Error message when using online services after conversion: Error 15000


When attempting to use online services after converting from Quicken Essentials to Quicken Mac 2015:

Error 15000


Error 15000 is typically an OFX error returned by the financial institution when they don't recognize the login credentials (typically password) or require password/PIN reset on activation.


Contact your Financial Institution for assistance, since they'll be able to block or bypass any password reset request and get you back on the road with Quicken.

To get your financial institutions information:

  1. Select the account on the left side of Quicken Mac 2015.
  2. Click Settings on the lower-right of Quicken Mac 2015.
  3. Click List beside the name of your Financial Institution.
  4. Find your Financial Institution (There contact information will appear on the right-plane of the window).

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