Error: Too late to send for this date - new date is ~6/16/2270

Problem Description

When sending online payments, you may receive a messages similar to the one below:

  • It is too late to send the payment for this date; the new date is 6/16/2270

This issue is caused by a missing profile for your Online Payees, and the lead times have been reset to "Unavailable".  Please use the solution below to resolve this issue.

  1. Delete any unsent payments from your register in Quicken.
  2. Select Tools menu> Online Center.
  3. Select Quicken Bill Pay from the Financial Instition drop down menu.
  4. Hold down Cntrl+Shift+F3 and click on Contact Info at the top of the Online Center.
  5. Highligt Quicken Bill Pay, and then click on the Refresh button, and then click OK. 
    • Note: By clicking the Refresh button, the profile in the above window will now state that Branding and Profile needs updating.
  6. Click the Update/Send button in the Online Center.
  7. After the update is complete, you send your payments once again

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