Error When Restoring Online Backup File: LA 2266

When restoring an Online Backup file using the option, the following error message can occur:

Error LA 2266


This message occurs when restoring files from Online Backup using the restore option "Restore to the original destination." If the directory structure is different on the receiving computer than from the original backup computer system or you have insufficient system rights, the error could occur.


  1. Select the Restore option, and then click the Destination tab.
  2. Clear the Restore to the original destination option.
  3. Attempt the restore with only one file selected. If this is successful, try to restore all the files selected in the original attempt.
  4. If the error persists, create a new folder on your desktop and direct the restore to this location.

Note: This issue can occur on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 if you are logged in and have insufficient access rights to restore the files to the original location or Windows UAC protection is set to high.  If may also occur if cases of restoring to a new folder, such as Documents, since in some instances Windows considers it as a system folder.

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