Error When Using Online Services: OL-234-A


You may receive the following message when using online services in Quicken:



Update Quicken's financial institution information

Quicken maintains information about how online services for your financial institution works in Quicken. If your financial institution has recently merged or made other changes to their online services you may need to update the information in Quicken.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Online Center.
  2. Select the financial institution you want to update from the Financial Institution drop down list.
  3. Hold down CTRL+F3 on your keyboard and click Contact Info at the top of the Online Center.
  4. Select the financial institution you want to update and click Refresh. The branding and profile information will be listed under current status as "needs updating."
  5. Click OK, and then click Update/Send.
  6. Enter your password, if necessary, and then click Update Now to start the update and get the latest branding and profile information for the financial institution.
  7. Try updating your accounts again.
  8. If the error persists, contact your financial institution for assistance.

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