Error When Using Online Services: OL-327


Your financial institution rejected this transaction because the date range is not valid (it is either too long, too short, or includes too many individual payments).

To resolve this problem, edit your repeating online payment. Depending on your financial institution, you may be able to change number of payments remaining for a repeating payment series. If you change the duration after an instruction has been sent to your financial institution, you must send the changed instruction to replace the original one. If you want to change other information, or if your financial institution doesn't allow you to change these items, you'll need to delete the repeating online payment instruction, set up a new one, and resend it.

To Create Online Repeating Payment:

  1. Click the Bills tab.
  2. Click Manage Reminders.
  3. Choose Create New menu, then select either Bill Reminder or Scheduled Bill or Deposit (depending on which version of Quicken you are using).
  4. In the Bills and Income Reminders dialog, select the appropriate account in the Pay from account list.
  5. In the Payment method list, select Online Payment from Quicken.

    If this option doesn't appear, make sure that the account you selected in the previous step has been activated for online bill payment.
  6. Select Repeat this payment automatically even if I don't go online.
  7. Enter the payee, memo, category, and amount.
  8. Enter the first payment date.
  9. Schedule the frequency and duration of your payments.
  10. Click OK. The instruction is listed in the Bill & Income Reminders List (Repeating Online tab), as well as in the Instructions to Send and One Step Update windows. It is not listed in the Payments Status list on the Online Center Payments tab.
  11. To send the instruction, choose Tools menu > One Step Update.
  12. Click Update Now.
    • Make sure the payment instructions are selected.
    • You may also need to enter a password for this financial institution.


  • Repeating online payments won't appear in a Quicken register or transaction list when you set up the payment series. The individual payments in the series will downloaded and entered in Quicken as they are processed.
  • In most ways, a repeating online payment can be thought of as a specialized type of bill reminder. You may want to review the basic instructions for how to create a bill reminder.

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