Fix a Downloaded Sell Transaction That Does Not Have a Corresponding Buy

  • If Quicken won't let you click Accept in the Downloaded Transactions list:

    If you download a Sell transaction that does not have a corresponding Buy in the investment transaction list, Quicken will not let you click Accept for the new Sell transaction.

    1. Leave this transaction and any following transactions unaccepted for now-you can leave the Downloaded Transactions window open if you prefer.
    2. If this is a regular Sell, you need to manually enter the corresponding purchase (click Enter Transactions > Buy - Shares Bought and follow the on-screen instructions). If this is a Short Sell, manually record the transaction.
    3. Return to the Downloaded Transactions list and continue accepting transactions.
    4. The Sell should be entered appropriately now when you click Accept.
  • If you've already clicked Accept All, and now you have a Sell transaction in your transaction list without a related Buy

    If you downloaded transactions and clicked Accept All, you may have accidentally accepted a Sell transaction without a corresponding Buy. You can add a Buy now. You can also assign lots to the Sell (recommended).

    1. Manually enter the corresponding purchase (choose Enter Transactions > Buy - Shares Bought, and follow the on-screen instructions).
    2. Go back to the Sell transaction. Click in the list to highlight the line containing the Sell.
    3. Click the Edit button under the transaction and choose Edit transaction.
    4. In the Sell Shares window, click Specify Lots.
    5. Select the lots you want to specify.
    6. Click OK to close the Specify Lots dialog.
    7. Click Enter to save your changes and close the Sell Shares window.

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