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We've designed a tool that removes your Quicken data file password (the password you enter when you first open a password-protected Quicken data file), allowing you to get back to your finances and enter a new, easier to remember password if you'd like.

Before we get started, let's first understand when and how you can use this tool.

The Password Removal Tool will only work with data file passwords used in currently supported versions of Quicken for Windows. Unfortunately, it will not work on data files for Quicken for Mac, unsupported versions of Quicken for Windows, or other passwords associated with Quicken such as transaction passwords and your password vault.

If you are using Quicken 2014, 2015 and 2016, R1-R7, click here for instructions to remove your data file password.

How do I access the Password Removal Tool?

  1. Download the Password Removal Tool and save it to your computer's desktop.
  2. Double-click QuickenPasswordReset.exe on your desktop to launch the Password Removal Tool.

Not able to use or open the Password Removal Tool? go here.

What are the next steps after downloading the tool and opening it?

  1. Tell us who you are.
  2. Upload your data file to our secure Quicken server.
  3. Once we receive the file, we'll remove the data file password.
  4. You'll then need to verify that you are the owner of the data file. We want to be sure we're sending the file to the bona-fide owner!
  5. Finally, we'll download the password-removed data file to your computer. Once you open the data file up in Quicken, you can decide if you want to reassign a new password to the file or not.

If you are using Quicken 2016, R8 or later, click here for instructions to remove your custom data file password.

NOTE: If you are on Quicken Windows 2016, R8, or later, you now have the ability to remove your data file password from directly within Quicken, without the need to download an external tool or uploading your file to Quicken servers.

If your data file is protected using your Intuit ID password, click Forgot Intuit ID password.

How do I access the Password Removal Tool in Quicken Windows 2016, R8 for my custom password?

Open your Quicken file with a custom password.

Click the Forgot Password link on the screen to launch the in-product removal tool. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions.

Select an account used in the file.

Next, answer questions based on the data found in the file.

  • What does this look like?
    Forgot Your Quicken Data File Password?
    NOTE: This information should be something you should know or could find by looking in your bank records on your Financial Institution's website.

When you answered the questions correctly, click submit.

Once you have successfully answered the security questions, click Remove Password to remove the password and open the data file.


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