Get Started with Online Banking

Adding your Bank Account in Quicken can help you track your finances even better and more accurately. Below are some helpful items that you can use to maximize the use of your Quicken software. 

Add Account in Quicken Activate and Deactivate accounts for Online Services

Adding and Managing Bank Account in Quicken

Activate an Account for Online Services
Deactivate Online Banking Services for a Quicken Account

Manage Password Vault One Step Update
How to Manager Passwords for Financial Institution Update Transactions and Balances Using One Step Update
Scheduled Updates Mobile Sync
How to Schedule when Quicken Updates Account Information Tell me about using Quicken on my phone or tablet
Automatic Transaction Entry Renaming Rules
Automatic Transaction Entry Preferences How to Create or Edit Renaming Rules
Duplicate Transactions Missing Transactions
I have Duplicate Transactions on my Register Missing some transactions when downloading from bank
Compare to Register Reconcile Transactions
How do I review and accept downloaded transactions

How do I reconcile an account

Set up Quicken Bill Pay Compare to Portfolio

Sign up for Quicken Bill Pay
Tell me about paying Bills in Quicken
How do I create a Bill and Income Reminder
Contacting Quicken Bill Pay

How do I compare the performance of my portfolio to industry benchmarks
Online Security Matching Locating Log Files
How Quicken Matches Investment Transactions How to access Online Banking Log Files in Quicken for Windows

When activating your accounts for Online Services and you see that your Financial Institution is not listed, click here.

You can also create a manual account if you don't want to download transactions from your bank.