Hiding or Deleting Accounts in Quicken for Mac

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If you don't use an account anymore, you can hide it so that it doesn't show up in lists or reports.

Deleting an account permanently removes that account and all of its transactions from your file. Consider using the hide option for accounts with data you may need for historical reporting.

Which do you want to do?

Hide an account

  1. Choose Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts.
  2. For the account you'd like to hide, select if you would like to hide the account in lists such as the sidebar, in reports, or both.
  3. Click OK.
    • What happens now?
      Quicken hides the account in the selected areas. To show a previously hidden account, deselect either of the checkboxes.

Delete an account

WARINING: deleting an account will remove all transactions and transaction history from Quicken. Transactions and historical information will no longer be available in reports, tools or over-time reports. You should delete an account only if it was added in error, or if you're sure you will never need the account data in Quicken again.

Consider hiding the account instead of deleting if it's a valid account that is closed or infrequently used. This will remove the account from day-to-day usage but preserve the past data for reports and tools.

  1. Select the account you want to delete from the Accounts section in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Accounts > Delete Account.
  3. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.
    • What happens next?
      One do over: You can choose Edit > Undo Delete Account. (This is the only time you can recover this account. Once you move on to another task, you will no longer be able to recover this account.) You will also need to reconnect the account for download after the deletion.

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