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To assist with troubleshooting, Quicken keeps separate log files of your online activity.  The primary log files are:

  1. CONNLOG: Contains a history of the connections you make to servers.
  2. ConnOLD: Contains older connections than the Connlog, which rolls over to the OLD log when a certain amount of log data is reached.
  3. OFXLOG: Contains more detailed information than CONNLOG, including transactions and other account information you download into Quicken.
  4. OFX Log (Old): Contains older download data than the Current OFX Log.  NOTE: the OFX Viewer is used to capture both the OFX Current and Old logs by using the View drop down-menu at the bottom of the Viewer.  Each log, current and Old, need to be saved individually, with OLD being added to the Save As file name when you save the log.
  5. Customer Central Errors: Contains a history of error messages you've experienced in Quicken.

Quicken Support may request these log files to troubleshoot Online Banking error messages or missing transactions.

To make it easier for you to send these logs, we recommend that you create a new folder on your desktop called (your last name) Logs and saving the log files in this new folder.

After all of the logs are saved, you can then right-click that (your last name) Logs folder and choose Send To...Compressed (zipped) Folder (Windows) or control-click and select Compress Folder (Mac). This will allow you send all the logs at once to support.

Quicken for Windows: Collect and save your log files

  1. In Quicken, go to Help then select Log files.
  2. With the log file open, save a copy of this file on your Desktop by clicking Save As > Save.

Quicken for Mac: Collect and save your log files

  1. In Quicken, go to Help then select Show logs in finder.
  2. Drag the log files to the new folder on your desktop.
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