How To Assign Multiple Business Tags To the Same Transaction

If you have more than one business, there may be times when you make a single purchase which is shared between businesses, such as a box of printer paper -- half the box goes to business A and the other half goes to the business B.   In this case, you will enter the transaction with the same payee and category, but split the transaction to make sure Quicken tracks the correct amount for each business.  As you split the transaction, assign the correct tag to the appropriate amount in the Split Transaction dialog box.

When a transaction is not a split transaction and includes more than one business tag, Quicken can't tell how much of the transaction belongs to each business. For this reason, Quicken doesn't display the transaction for any of the businesses you can select in the column above the Profit & Loss snapshot.  Instead, Quicken displays the transaction as an Unknown Business.  So, if you have transactions appearing as an Unknown Business in the Profit & Loss snapshot, you can resolve the issue at any time by following these steps.