How To Delete a Category or Subcategory in Quicken

To delete a category or a subcategory:

  1. From the Quicken Tools menu, choose Category List.
  2. Right-click the category or subcategory you want to delete, and then click the Delete.
    • If you are deleting a category, click OK to the message.
    • If you are deleting a subcategory:
      • Click Yes if you want to merge the subcategory with the parent category.
      • Click No if you want to delete the subcategory without merging.

Note: If you delete a category that is associated with transactions, the categories will be removed from those specific transactions and they will now show as uncategorized.  Before you delete the category, Quicken will allow you to recategorize the transactions. 

A TRANSFER CATEGORY is a special category that is really an account, and is designated by a hard bracket around the account name on the Category List. You cannot delete a Transfer Category, without deleting the account.

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