How do I add an account for entering manual transactions in Quicken 2007 for Mac?

Learn how to add your bank transactions manually into Quicken for Mac 2007.

Add your financial transactions manually into Quicken for Mac 2007 if you do not want Quicken to automatically download them or if your financial institution is not part of the Quicken network.

  1. Select the Edit menu > New Account.
  2. Find your bank in the list.  Start typing the name and it will jump to that spot in the list.  If your bank is not in the list, select the radio dial next to This account is not held at one of the financial institutions listed above.  Then click Continue.
  3. Select the radio dial next to Manual: Set up my accounts by entering information manually.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Choose the type of account you are adding (such as Checking or Vehicle).  Click Continue.
  6. Enter a name you'd like to call this account.  Click Continue.
  7. Enter your Statement date and balance from your last statement.  Click Continue.
  8. Your account register will open where you'll be able to add new transactions. 




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