How do I add an invoices/receivables account

Before you can enter outstanding invoices or create new invoices to send to your customers, you need to add an invoices/receivables account. This account is a Quicken asset account that tracks your accounts receivable.

1.Click the Business tab.

2.Click the Business Actions button and choose Business Accounts > Add Account.

3.Click Accounts Receivable as the account type.

4.Enter a name for the account, and then click Next.

You can add one invoices/receivables account to track the transactions for all your customers; for example, Business invoices. Or you can add an account for each customer; for example, Smith & Brown invoices. If you have several businesses, you can add one invoices/receivables account for each business.

5.Review the information on the summary screen, and then click Done.

6.In the register for the account, begin entering previously issued but unpaid invoices and new invoices.



After adding your new invoices/receivables account, you can enter any previously issued but unpaid invoices that you want to track. When you create the invoice, just remember to predate it.

This feature requires Quicken Home & Business or Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.

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