How do I add a unit

In Quicken, you can add units to a single unit property or a multiunit property. If you add units to a single unit property, you will switch from single unit to multiunit property.

  • What is a unit?
    You divide your property into units. A unit can be a floor, an apartment, or even a room. For example, in an apartment, you can consider each room as a separate unit. Or, in a duplex property, you can consider each floor as a separate unit.
  1. Click the Rental Property tab.
  2. Click the Properties & Tenants button and choose Show Property List.
  3. Select the rental property in which you want to add a unit.
    • Why can't I see my rental property in this list?
      If you selected the Hide property check box in the Edit Rental Property dialog, Quicken does not display rental properties in the Property List. Select the Show hidden properties check box to view all hidden properties
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under Property Type Information, click Multiunit property if you're switching from single unit to multiunit property. (Optional)
  6. In the Unit List view, enter a unit name or a unit number for each unit you want to add.

    • Tell me more
      Enter a name or number for each unit. For example, Unit 1, Unit 2 could be two units in a property. Or numbers such as #1, #2.
  7. Click Add more units to add more units. (Optional)
  8. Click OK.


  • To add a property or unit, you can also click Properties & Tenants, and then click Add property.
  • A multiunit property should have at least one unit.

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