How do I align my printer

Before you print on your real checks, use the sample checks from your Quicken package to make a test print. Then, adjust the text alignment as necessary.

If the printing on the sample check doesn't line up with the fields on the check, adjust where the information appears and print sample checks until the alignment is correct.

You can also make a test print on a blank piece of paper. If you use this method, place the test print on top of a real check and hold it up to the light to see if the text is correctly aligned.

  • Set my printer's coarse Alignment
    1. Select Coarse. Quicken displays a message about not adjusting your printer. Coarse alignment moves the checks to the correct starting position in your printer. Quicken doesn't remember or change any settings from the coarse alignment process.
    2. Click OK to print a sample check.
    3. Enter the pointer line position.
    4. When the check is positioned correctly, Quicken displays the Please Note Position window.


  • Set my printer's fine Alignment
    1. Click Full Page of Checks.
    2. Click Print Sample. If you've run out of the sample checks that came with Quicken, you can print sample checks on blank paper. After printing a sample, place it on top of the real check and hold them both up to the light to see if the text printed correctly.
    3. Examine the dollar amount that Quicken printed on the check. If it isn't within the alignment grid, make sure your paper is feeding correctly through your printer.
    4. Enter adjustments in the Vertical and Horizontal fields, using the grid to estimate the distances.
    5. Click Print Sample again to test whether you've corrected the alignment problem.
    6. If you're satisfied with the alignment, click OK. If not, repeat Steps 4 and 5.

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