How do I apply an invoice item (discount, surcharge, or subtotal)

There might be times when you want to discount a product or service for a limited time or a specific job. Instead of editing your standard invoice items, you can add special invoice items that deduct discounts or add surcharges to your products and services.

To apply a discount or surcharge to any invoice item, enter the invoice item as usual in the Invoice form, and then add the Discount or Surcharge item in the line immediately following. Quicken calculates the discount or surcharge. If you want to discount or mark up a number of items at one time, apply a subtotal to the group of items before you enter the discount or surcharge item. (Quicken calculates a discount or surcharge percentage on the line directly above the discount or surcharge item, so you need to subtotal the items before you enter the discount or surcharge item on multiple items.)

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  •  Apply a discount or surcharge

1.Choose the appropriate option:

For estimates: Click the Business tab, then click the Business Tools button and choose Estimate List. In the Estimate List, select the estimate you want and click Edit.

For invoices: Open the account that contains the invoice you want, and then select the invoice.

2.Move the cursor to a new line.

3.In the Item list, click the arrow and select the discount or surcharge item you want to apply, or click New to add a new one.

Where in the list should I add the invoice item?

Quicken applies the discount or surcharge item to the amount that immediately precedes it. This means, if you want to adjust the price of only one item, add the discount or surcharge directly beneath the item it applies to. If you want to adjust the prices of more than one item, you need to subtotal the group of items you want to apply the discount or surcharge to, and then apply the discount or surcharge to the group total.

Should I enter a business tag with an invoice item?

The fastest and easiest way to add business tags to your invoice items is at the invoice level. To do this, enter a business tag in the Business Tag field when you create the invoice. Quicken then automatically assigns this business tag to each invoice item you include in the invoice without further input from you.

You should not include one business tag at the invoice level and another business tag at the invoice item level because Quicken will not be able to determine which business the invoice item belongs to. If you want to include business tags at the invoice item level, then you should leave the Business Tag field in the invoice blank.

4.If you want Quicken to calculate and deduct the tax (for discounts) or add the tax (for surcharges), verify that the invoice item is marked as taxable. You can edit the invoice item if necessary. (Optional)

5.Click Save and Done.


  • Apply a subtotal

1.Create an invoice or estimate as usual.

2.After you've entered the invoice items for which you want to calculate a subtotal, in the list of items that appears when you click the arrow in the ITEM column, select your subtotal item.

What happens next?

Quicken calculates a subtotal for the preceding items and enters the amount for you.

3.Enter additional invoice items. (Optional)

4.When you've added all the invoice items you want, click Save and Done.



If you want to adjust or mark up the price of an invoice item, but you don't want the adjustment or markup to appear as a line item on the invoice, you can edit an invoice item amount on an as-needed basis. In the Amount field, click to open the pop-up calculator, use it to total the expenses and markup in the Amount field, and then click Enter.


This feature requires Quicken Home & Business or Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.


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