How do I assemble my tax information

Before you enter or review information in the Tax Planner, assemble all your tax-related paper information so that you can be sure your tax estimates are comprehensive. These are the documents you'll most likely need. If you're entering information both for yourself and your spouse, you will need both sets of records.

Income records Paycheck stubs are usually your best source of income information, particularly in midyear, since most paycheck stubs show both current and year-to-date earnings and deductions. You will also want to assemble your W2, W-2G, and 1099 forms. Compare the data on these forms to the projected current tax year data in the Tax Planner. You can have Quicken track tax-related paycheck deductions for you.
Itemized deductions and tax credits These are the types of records you'll most likely need:
  • Medical and dental payment records
  • Real estate and personal property tax receipts
  • Interest payment records for your home mortgage
  • Records of payments for child care
  • Dependent expenses that may be tax related
  • Charitable contribution receipts
Tax publications You can get federal income tax publications from the IRS, from public libraries, and from your tax professional. Most bookstores stock a variety of commercial tax instruction and information books. You can also access information from within Quicken. Click the Planning tab. Click the Tax Center button. Click the Tax Tools button and choose Online Tax Tools > Tax Forms and Publications to download copies of tax publications.
Previous tax returns Copies of your previous years' returns may be helpful for reference. Remember that the figures won't be valid for subsequent years. You can also import your previous year's TurboTax information to use for tax planning in Quicken.
Tax Schedule and Capital Gains reports Run these reports to help you check whether all your tax-related financial information is included in your Quicken files. Otherwise, you'll need to enter some or all information into the Tax Planner manually.

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