How do I attach a statement or other image to an account

What you need to know:

Each Quicken account can have an unlimited number of account attachments.

While in a register, click the Account Actions icon, and then choose Account Attachments to add an account-level attachment.

1. Open the account you want to add an attachment to.

2.Click the Account Actions icon, and then choose Account Attachments.

3.In the Account Attachments snapshot, click Add.

4.Choose the type of image you want to add, and specify a date to identify it.

  • For statements:
    The date is used to label the statement in the Account Attachments snapshot list (for example, 5/12/2014 Statement). You can attach only one statement per day, but the overall number of statements you can attach to a single account is unlimited.
  • For other attachments:
    You can attach an unlimited number of other attachments to a single account. In the Account Attachments snapshot, other attachments are listed in the Other Attachments column, sorted by date.

5. In the Account Attachments Viewer, click Add to select the source of the attachment that you want to attach: from a file saved on your hard drive, from a acanner or other digital imaging device, or from the Microsoft® Windows Clipboard.

6. In the Select Attachment File dialog, select the file to attach; or if you're working with a scanner, select the imaging device to use. When finished, a thumbnail image of the attachment displays in the Account Attachments Viewer.

7. That's it. You're done. To view the attachment(s) in the future, click the Account Actions icon, and then choose Account Attachments.


You can use keyboard shortcuts to digitally capture information from your computer screen and then attach to a Quicken account using the Clipboard button in the Attachments Viewer.

Storage of account attachments in the Quicken Cloud is not supported.