How do I change the options for backing up my Quicken data file

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Quicken includes several backup options that you can change to meet your needs. Unless you specify otherwise, Quicken:

  • Reminds you to back up your Quicken data every third time you exit Quicken.
  • Makes a historical copy of your data every fifth time you open Quicken and stores five of these copies in the Quicken/BACKUP folder.
  • Warns you it is about to replace your existing data file with the data file you're restoring from a backup. 

1. Choose Edit menu > Preferences.

2. In the Select preference type list, in the Setup area, select Backup.

3. Change the appropriate setting. Click a link below for more information.

  • Automatic backups
    Select this option to automatically back up your Quicken data file.
  • Change the frequency with which Quicken automatically backs up your file
    In the Backup after running Quicken field, enter the number of times you want to run Quicken before it will remind you to create a backup. For example, if you run Quicken several times a day, you might want to leave the default at 5. If you only occasionally use Quicken, you might want to set the default to 1. 
  • Change the maximum number of backup copies Quicken keeps
    In the Maximum number of backup copies field, enter the number of backup copies of your files that you want Quicken to save. For example, if you want to save four backup copies of your files, type 4.

    After 28 days Quicken will have saved the following copies of the original file. For example, lets say you call your file MyDATA:

    Day Copies file name
    28 MyDATA1 (always the most recent file)
    21 MyDATA2 (renamed from MyDATA1)
    14 MyDATA3 (renamed from MyDATA2)
    7 MyDATA4 (renamed from MyDATA3)

    On the 35th day, Quicken saves another MyDATA1 file over the oldest data file (MyDATA4), and the cycle starts over.

    You'll find these files in the Quicken\BACKUP folder by default.

4. Click OK.

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