How do I change a spending transaction?

If you make a mistake when entering a transaction, it's easy to enter edits and corrections.

  1. Open the account that contains the transaction you need to edit.
  2. In the account register, select the transaction you want to change.
  3. Click in the fields you want to change and type or select new information.
  4. Click Save to record the changes. 
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    If you leave a transaction, change column sizes, or do other file operations before clicking Save, Quicken asks you to confirm any changes you made and then saves them. You can turn this reminder off by clearing the Before changing existing transactions check box in the Notify Preferences dialog.


  • What should I keep in mind when editing a transaction?
    Changing a reconciled transaction affects future reconciliations. Quicken lets you know if you're about to change a reconciled transaction and asks you to confirm the change.

    To protect your data from accidental or unauthorized changes, you can set up two kinds of passwords. You can require a password before opening a file or before changing transactions entered before a certain date.