How do I check the status of an online payment?

You can rely on your financial institution and its processor to make payments as you've instructed. Payment status, available from the Payments tab in the Online Center, shows you whether the payment is being sent electronically or via postal check, when the payment is scheduled to be sent or has already been sent, and so on (the exact information displayed depends on what is supported by your online payment service provider). This status information is current as of the last time you downloaded transactions and payment information for this financial institution. If there appears to be a problem, you can make an inquiry about a specific payment.

1. Choose Tools menu > Online Center.

2. Select the financial institution that provides your bill pay service. If Quicken Bill Bay is your online payment service provider, select Quicken Bill Pay.

3. On the Payments tab, a brief status for each payment is included in the row where the payment is listed.

  • To view more detailed status information
    1. Click the status of a payment (it's a link).

    2. The date as of which this information was obtained is listed on the Payment Status window's title bar. If you need more recent information, click Update Status (The Update Status option is available only for participating financial institutions).

    3. You may be asked to enter your password for this financial institution, or for your Password Vault.

    4. Click Update Now.

    5. Once the online session has finished, the latest information about that payment is shown.
  • To inquire about an online payment
    It may take a few days for your payee to process the payment after delivery and a few days more for the financial institution to post the transaction to your account. Also, depending on the processor your financial institution uses, the money may be removed from your account several days before the payment is delivered or the check is cashed. Before you inquire about an online payment, follow these recommended steps. If you still don't see evidence that the payment has cleared, send a payment inquiry as described below:

    1. Select the payment you wish to inquire about.

    2. Click Create E-mail.

    3. Enter a message.

    4. Click OK.

    5. Click Update/Send to send the e-mail.

    6. You may need to enter a password for this financial institution.


This status information shown on the Payments tab in the Online Center is current as of the last time you downloaded transactions and payment information for this financial institution.

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