How do I compare my broker's downloaded holdings to my Quicken portfolio?

Every time you download and accept transactions from your brokerage, Quicken checks for accuracy. Use the Compare to Portfolio window to check for discrepancies, and then to enter an adjustment if your Quicken portfolio and your brokerage's online holdings records don't agree.

  1. If you haven't already done so, download the latest account information and accept it into your investment account transaction list.
  2. If Quicken doesn't prompt you to compare your portfolio, choose Tools menu > Online Center.
  3. In the Online Center's Financial Institution drop-down list, select the appropriate brokerage or financial institution.
  4. On the Holdings tab, select the appropriate account at this financial institution from the account list.
  5. To see all of your holdings, select All in the Security Type list.
  6. Click the Compare to Portfolio button.
    • If there is no discrepancy between your Quicken portfolio holdings and your broker's holdings information, Quicken displays a message that they are in agreement.
    • If there is a discrepancy, Quicken displays the Adjust holdings amount dialog. Use this dialog to enter any necessary adjustments.  


  • Why are the amounts in my Quicken portfolio and holdings different from my broker's online records?
    • Some transactions entered in Quicken may be too old to be reconciled to your brokerage account. Typically a brokerage keeps only recent transactions in its online records (usually, 3 to 6 months' worth). If you've held this account for a while, you may have executed some transactions that are no longer stored in your broker's online records. For example, if 10 months ago you bought 24 shares of stock XYZ, your broker's online records will probably no longer have the Buy transaction available to download into Quicken. The broker will still have a record of your holdings, though, confirming that you do, indeed, own 24 shares of XYZ. Unless you've manually entered a Buy in Quicken to match the historical transaction from 10 months ago, Quicken will not have a record of this holding.

    • Your brokerage may have calculated a transaction to a different number of decimal places, preventing it from matching.

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