How do I create and print an Emergency Records Organizer report

The Emergency Records Organizer also includes a full range of reports. You can create reports that you would give to a spouse, attorney, or next of kin at the time of an emergency or a death in the family. You can also create a complete report that lists all the details you've entered.

  1. Choose Property & Debt menu > Emergency Records Organizer.
  2. Click the Report tab.
  3. In the Report Type drop-down list, select a report.
  4. Select Sort by family members to see the information by family member. (Optional)
  5. Select Print topics with no data entered to see where information is missing. (Optional)
  6. Click Print. (Optional)


If the text appears too large or too small on your printed Emergency Records Organizer report, the printer settings may have been changed during the current Quicken session. To resolve this issue, exit and then restart Quicken after adjusting the printer settings.