How do I create a budget report in Quicken 2007 for Mac?

A budget report compares the money you actually spend and receive during a specific time period with your budgeted amounts during the same time period. Quicken calculates the difference between the actual and budgeted amounts for each category so you can see exactly where you met your budget, and where you were over or under the amounts you budgeted and by how much.

When you set up a basic budget report, you can choose both the time periods for which you want subtotals (weeks, months, quarters, and so on) and the accounts and categories you want to see in the report.

  1. Choose Activities > Reports & Graphs > Reports.
  2. Click the Standard tab.
  3. Select either Budget Month by Month or Budget Summary. The month-by-month budget report compares actual amounts to budgeted amounts for each month in the selected time period. The summary report compares actual amounts to budgeted amounts for the entire time period. 
  4. If necessary, change the dates in the Date field pop-up menu to cover the time period you want. If you leave the ending date set for any date other than the end of a month, Quicken prorates the budget amounts for the number of days you've included in that month. In other words, if you run a report with an ending date of 4/15, a category with $100 budgeted for April will show only $50 rather than $100. 
  5. Click Customize if you want to change any options. You can change any of the options on the Layout, Content, and Organization tabs. For example, you can choose a specific budget from the Budget pop-up menu. 
  6. Click Create (or OK if you have customized the report). If you'd like, you can memorize your custom report setup for repeated use.

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