How do I create more space to work with your register or transaction list?

  • Minimize the tabs at the bottom
    For all account types: 

    • Click the arrow icon below the balance area of your register or transaction list to minimize or restore the banner area (the area for downloaded transactions or bill and income reminders waiting to be processed).
    • You can always use this option (for example, whether or not your account is activated for online services, or whether or not you have bill and income reminders).
    • For banking accounts that haven't been activated for online access, you have an additional option to completely hide this area (including the tabs). See Just hide the tabs at the bottom (above).
  • Use pop-up registers

    • Choose View menu > Use Pop-up Registers.

    • To stop using pop-up registers, click Use Pop-up Registers in the View menu again.
  • Increase my computer's video display resolution
    You can increase the amount of information that appears on your screen by setting the video display to a higher resolution. You can usually do this from the Windows Control Panel (for specific steps, consult the Help system for your version of Windows).

    At higher display resolutions, text on the screen appears smaller and potentially harder to read.


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