How do I create a new column set

Column sets are ways to group the contact information that you've entered, and view it in the Address Book; The currently selected column set, in conjunction with the currently selected group, determines what you see in the Address Book at any given time. The group determines whose information you're viewing (for example, family, friends, or co-workers), the column set determines what information from the Address Book entries is being displayed (for example, whether it's the information from the Personal tab that you filled in while adding the contact information, or information from the Miscellaneous tab or from the Secondary tab, and so on).

The Address Book provides default column sets that include the information from each tab in the Address Book Record window, but you can create new column sets and mix and match information. For example, you could create a column set you name Web and include email from the Payee tab and website from the Contact tab. When you select the Web column set, this information will display in the Address Book for all addresses belonging to the currently selected group.

You can also edit existing column sets.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.
  2. From the Address Book window, select the Group of information you want to print, such as Friends.
  3. From the Column Sets list, select <New>.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter a column set name such as Phone List.
  6. From the Available List, select the information you want to display.
  7. Click Add.
  8. To change the order that the information displays in, from the Displayed Columns list, click Move Up or Move Down.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Done.


Select from the Column Sets list to display Payee, Contact, Secondary, Personal, Miscellaneous, or Phone details for each contact. For example, to display birthday, anniversary and phone numbers for your family, choose Group list > Family, then Column Sets > Personal.

When you display the Secondary Column Set, the column headings have the prefix S. For example S. Street, S. City, S. State.

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