How do I Create an Online Transfer?

  1. Open the account register for the account you're transferring money from.
  2. In the date field of the new transaction line, enter today's date.
  3. In the Num field, select Online Transfer (Oxfr).
  4. In the Description field, enter a note. (Optional)
  5. In the Xfer Acct drop-down list, select the account you want to transfer the money to.
  6. In the Payment field, enter an amount.
  7. Click Save.


  • When you enter an online transfer from the register, it may seem as if it disappeared. Don't worry: Because you had to enter today's date, the transfer may have been moved up in your register ahead of online payments that you may have scheduled for later in the month.
  • Once the transfer instruction is sent, Quicken displays a lightning bolt next to the transaction in the register.
  • If you need to make this transfer on a recurring basis, consider creating a transfer reminder for it.. You will still need to send the transfer instruction to your financial institution, and it will be processed on the day you send it.