How do I create or edit a tag

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You can set up tag names either before you enter transactions, or as you enter them. Quicken stores a list of all the tags in the current file, sorted alphabetically, in the Tag List.

To use a tag, apply it to a transaction.

Tag editing is flexible. If you decide you no longer need a tag, you can either hide or permanently delete it. You can rename a tag at any time; Quicken updates the name on any associated transactions.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Tag List.

    • To create a new tag, click the New button.

    • To edit an existing tag, select it and then click the Edit button (on the same line as the selected tag; if necessary, scroll to the right to view it).

  2. As necessary, enter or change the name and description.

    • All the transactions that used the original tag name are updated to reflect your changes.

  3. If needed (for example, to track different rental properties), enter a copy number. (Optional)
  4. Click OK.
  5. To hide or unhide a tag, select or clear the check box in the Hide column. (Optional)

    • When you hide a tag you declutter your Tag List, but you can just show it again if you ever need to use it in the future.

    • When you permanently delete a tag, Quicken removes it from the Tag list and from the Tag field of any transactions to which it has been assigned. You lose the ability to use the tag in future reports.

  6. To delete a tag, select it and then click the Delete button (on the same line as the selected tag; if necessary, scroll to the right to view it). (Optional)
  7. Click Done.

If you purchased Quicken Home & Business, Quicken includes a specialized type of tag called a business (When you add a business to Quicken, you associate a tag with a specific business. Once a tag is linked to a business, it becomes a business tag that enables Quicken to group the transactions for the specified business in the Business Center snapshots and the Tax Planner. Quicken also groups transactions by business in the Tax Schedule report and the Schedule C report)  tag. Business tags show you the income, expense, and deduction information for a business. See how tags work with businesses for more information.

In the Tag List, tags are labeled as Business, Rental, or Other in the Type column.


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