How do I Create a QuickReport of an item in a list

You can create QuickReports of the individual items in Quicken lists or windows such as the securities in the Security List, the securities in the Portfolio window, or the categories in the Category List. This can be helpful if, for example, you're trying to decide whether to delete a category. (All you need to do is create a QuickReport of the Category List, and then delete the category if it's not being used.)

1. Open the list or window that you want to report on.

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    Lists and windows in which you can create QuickReports


    List name To open it
    Register window Choose Account Bar > <account name> (the account you want to report on)
    Write Checks window Choose Tools menu > Write and Print Checks
    Category List Choose Tools menu > Category List
    Tag List Choose Tools menu > Tag List
    Memorized Payee List Choose Tools menu > Memorized Payee List
    Online Payee List Choose Tools menu > Online Center > Payees
    Portfolio window Click the Investing tab > Portfolio button, and then right-click a security name and choose Security Report
    Security Detail View Click the Investing tab > Portfolio button, and then click a security name
    Security List Click the Investing tab > Tools > Security List
    Savings Goals window Click the Planning tab > Planning Tools > Savings Goals

2. Select the item (the individual category, tag, payee, memorized payee, security, or register field) that you want to report on.

3. Click Report. (If you're in the register or the Write Checks window, continue by selecting from the options available.)

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