How do I create a report showing the interest paid on a loan

  • Choose Reports menu > Spending > Itemized Categories Report.
  • In the Date Range drop-down list, select Year-to-date.
  • Click Customize.
  • Select the Accounts tab.
  • In the Select Account Group area, select All Accounts.
  • Click Clear All.
  • In the Select Account Group area, select Property & Debt.
  • In the Account area, select the account that you make loan payments to.
  • Click the Categories tab.
  • Select the category you're using to track your interest.
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      If you used a different category for your loan interest payments, select that category instead.
  • Click OK to create the report again.
  • In the TOTAL Mortgage Int row of the report, view the total amount of interest you have paid so far this year.


  • The Itemized Categories report is useful for tax purposes. The default report includes the interest under Expenses, but you can customize the report to show a different level of detail using the above steps.