How do I create reports or graphs in a specific currency?

If you have accounts in different currencies, you can create reports and graphs in any currency. For example, if you have a Swiss franc account, you can create a report to show the figures converted into U.S. dollars.

  1. Choose Reports menu > Reports & Graphs Center.
    • For a report
      • Choose the type of report that you want to create. 
      • Select the report.
    • For a graph
      • Select from the list of topics. 
      • Select the type of graph you want to create.
  2. Enter dates. 
  3. Click Customize.  
  4. On the Display tab, choose the currency you want from the Currency drop-down list.  
  5. Click OK.
    • What happens now?
      Quicken creates the report or graph with all currencies converted into the selected currency.
  6. Click Save if you want to quickly access it later from the Saved Reports and Graphs list. (Optional)


  • Why do reports on multiple currency accounts sometimes show a gain or loss on transfers?
    Summary reports include a section showing how much you've transferred between your accounts. When you include all your accounts in the report, and haven't transferred any money between accounts of different currencies, the figures should balance so that the Total Transfers line is 0. But if transfers involve currency conversion, you may notice that the Total Transfers line does not equal 0. This figure shows how much you've gained or lost due to changes in the exchange rates.

    For example, let's say you transfer £100 to your U.S. account when the exchange rate is 1.60. Ignoring service charges, your U.S. account receives $160. Six months later you transfer the same $160 back, but now the exchange rate has fallen to 1.40. So your British bank receives £114.00. You've made £14.00 profit by playing the exchange market!

    The currency gain or loss need not be realized. That is, even if you've only transferred the money in one direction, the Total Transfers line shows you what the gain or loss would be if you transferred it back, at today's exchange rate.

    Of course, if the report includes many currency transfers, the picture becomes more complicated. Still, the Total Transfers line gives you an idea of how your luck is going generally.

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