How do I customize column sets

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• To edit an exissting column set

     1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.
     2. From the Address Book window, select the Group of information you want to print, such as Friends.

     3. From the Column Sets list, select <Edit>.
     4. Click Edit.

     5. From the Available List, select the information you want to display and then click Add.

     6. From the Displayed Columns list, select the information you don't want and then click Remove.

     7. To change the order in which the information displays, from the Displayed Columns list click Move Up or Move Down.

     8. Click OK.

     9.Click Done.

•  To change the sort order

     1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.

     2.In the Address Book window, click the column header you want to sort by. For example, to sort by Payee, click the Payee column header. To reverse the sort order, click it again.

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