How do I enter adjustments to my Quicken Portfolio to match my broker's online holdings information?

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What if your broker records an erroneous transaction? What if you accidentally deleted a transaction? Every time you download and accept transactions from your brokerage, Quicken checks for accuracy. If there is any discrepancy between the holdings in your Quicken portfolio and the holdings recorded in your broker's online records, Quicken alerts you and gives you a chance to adjust your holdings.

1. If there is a discrepancy found during the Compare to Portfolio process, Quicken displays the Adjust holdings amount dialog.
Compare to Portfolio - placeholder entries Placeholder entries can only occur in an investment transaction list. Each placeholder entry identifies the security name and number of shares added to or subtracted from the account (for example, 50 shares of Intuit). It does not include a purchase date or price, which Quicken needs to provide performance reporting or use tax planning tools. You need to resolve placeholder entries if you want to use these tools, but not if you want to track holdings-only information in Quicken.

2. Quicken will add placeholder entries to your transaction list to resolve the discrepancy for each checked security.

  • Click to add or remove check marks as necessary, and click Accept if you want Quicken to resolve the discrepancy for some or all of the listed securities.
  • Click Cancel if you don't want Quicken to resolve the discrepancy for any of the listed securities (No placeholder entries will be added).

3. Once you click Accept, the transactions list of your investment account will open. At this point, your portfolio's holdings information will be correct, but your cost basis and performance reporting will not be entirely accurate.


If you need complete cost basis and accurate performance tracking, use the transaction list or the Holdings snapshot (Click the Account Actions icon), and then choose Account Overview to resolve the placeholder entries that were created as a result of Step 2.

You don't, however, need to resolve the placeholder entries immediately; you can do so at a later date. Just be aware of the limitations on accurate cost basis and reporting while the placeholder entries are present.


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