How do I enter and edit a paycheck

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During the course of the year, your paycheck may change. You may work fewer hours during one pay period, and need only to change a single paycheck; or you may get a raise and need to change all future paychecks. Click the options above to learn how to handle either situation.

  • Edit your current paycheck only
    1. Open the account where you deposit your paycheck.

    2. If necessary, click the Bill and Income Reminders tab at the bottom of the register.

    3. To the right of your paycheck, click Enter.

    4. Make any necessary changes.
    • What information can I change?
      You can change information such as the paycheck amount, the account you want to deposit the paycheck into, and the date of the deposit.

    5.  Click Enter to enter the paycheck into the register.

  • Edit all future paychecks
    1. Choose Tools menu > Manage Bill & Income Reminders.

    2. Select the paycheck you want to change, and click Edit.

    3. In the Edit Future Paychecks dialog, make any necessary changes.

    4. Click Done to close the Edit Future Paychecks dialog.

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