How do I enter a foreign currency in the account register?

You can enter a foreign currency amount in a U.S. dollar bank account and see it converted into dollars and cents.

For example: If you paid a hotel bill with Euros, you can record these transactions in the Quicken register for any account. If the currency of the purchase is different from the currency associated with the account, Quicken converts the amount to the proper currency for you.

  1. From the account register that you want to record the transaction in, enter the Payee name.
  2. Enter the foreign currency amount in the Payment field, but don't click Save or leave the field.
  3. If necessary, choose Tools menu > Currency List to display the Currency List.
  4. In the Currency List, select the currency of the amount you just entered in the Payment field.
  5. In the Currency List, click Use. The foreign currency amount converts to the equivalent amount in the currency of the account.
  6. Click Save. Your original entry (in the foreign currency) displays in the Memo field.

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