How do I enter my mileage on my tax return

You've been faithfully recording all your trips. Now April 15 has rolled around again and its time to reap the benefits. If you use TurboTax you can import your mileage from Quicken directly into TurboTax. TurboTax will import both the mileage and the tax-deductible dollar amounts. If you use a different tax preparation software package or do your taxes by hand, you can use the mileage records in the Vehicle Mileage Tracker to help you enter your mileage on your tax return.

  1. Open the Mileage Tracker.

    • From the Business tab
      Click the Business tab, then click the Business Tools button and choose Mileage Tracker.

  2. Select a trip in the list.
  3. Customize the Vehicle Mileage list to include all types of trips for which you have tax-deductible miles (or extra income from being reimbursed at too high a rate).
  4. Print the list.
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      The printed list contains all the information you need, including number of miles and deductible amount for each type, if allowed.
  5. Enter the information in the appropriate schedule or give it to your tax preparer.
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      • Business: Schedule C
      • Medical: Schedule A
      • Charity: Schedule A
      • Rental Property: Schedule E
      • Unreimbursed Business: Schedule A
      • Other: If you've used this for miles reimbursed by your business but not at the IRS rate.


Whether you can deduct mileage from your taxes sometimes depends on if the deductible amount has reached a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income. Before deducting mileage costs based on information from the Vehicle Mileage Tracker, check with your tax advisor.

This feature requires Quicken Home & Business or Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.

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