How do I find out if a transaction has cleared?

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 Each spending account register has a Clr column (between the Payment and Deposit amount columns). This column can be marked c, R, or it can be empty. It is possible to change these markings manually, but this is not recommended. In general:

A c in this column means:
  • You downloaded this transaction into Quicken from your financial institution and accepted it into your register (it was marked as cleared on your financial institution website).
  • You started to reconcile this account, and during the Reconcile process you marked this transaction as cleared by matching it against your statement.
An R in this column means that Quicken has reconciled the transaction (after you reconcile your account, the transactions marked as cleared have an R in the Clr column). Reconcile means that you have verified that the transactions recorded in your Quicken register agree with the transactions recorded at your bank, or any other records you might have.
If you use online payment, you can check the status of a payment while it is being processed.
The Opening Balance transaction that Quicken creates when you set up an account is also marked with an "R" because it represents the last reconciled balance of the account on the day you started it in Quicken.


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