How do I find out what I own and owe

The Net Worth and Account Balance reports and graphs offered by Quicken give you the big picture of your finances.

The Account Balances report and graph give you a quick overview of where all your money is. Depending on what accounts you choose to include, you can see the values of just your banking accounts, or you can add loan accounts to see where your debt is concentrated.

The Net Worth report and graph show your largest assets and debts, if you own more than you owe, and how your net worth is changing over time.


You can create reports to find out what you own and owe. Click the topic below for the report you want more information about.


  • Account Balance report or graph

    This report and graph list the balances of all the accounts in the current file organized by account.

    If you've investment accounts, the balances for those accounts include unrealized gains.

  • Net Worth report or graph

    This report and graph show your net worth as of a specified date.

    The report shows the ending balances of your property and debt by account, including the market value of your investments based on the most recent prices you entered or downloaded prior to the report date. (Net Worth reports are similar to income and expense reports, except they use account balances rather than category data.)

    The graph shows your total property and debt for all accounts.

    To display the data in one format or the other, click the Show Report or Show Graph button. To hide a format, click the corresponding Hide button.


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