How do I hide a category

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Even a well-managed Category List can still be large, and you may hesitate to delete categories you might need in the future. Also, certain categories that Quicken uses can't be deleted.

Hiding categories allows you to more easily access commonly used categories by removing the clutter of unused and seldom used ones. You can make a hidden category visible at any time.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Category List.
  2. Right-click category that you want to hide.
  3. Choose Hide/Unhide.


Here are some things to know about hidden categories:

  • Hidden categories do not appear in the Category drop-down list while entering a transaction, or in the Category List unless the "Show hidden categories" option is enabled at the bottom of the list.
  • Hiding a category doesn't affect calculations for transactions that use the category.
  • Hiding a parent category hides the subcategories as well.

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