How do I manage alerts

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You can create a page view to display alerts when you first open Quicken.

You can delete alerts you don't need. However, turning an alert off is less permanent than deleting and gives you the option of restoring it later.

  • Delete an alert:
    1. Choose Tools menu > Alerts Center.

    2. Select the alert that you would like to delete.

    3. Make sure that the check box to the left of the alert text is selected.

    4. Click Delete.

    5. Click Yes when Quicken asks you to confirm the deletion.

    • The steps above will delete only one instance of an alert. If you never want the alert to trigger again, you need to change the setup for this type of alert.
    • Tax-efficient investment alerts can be deleted directly from the window in which they display.  
  • Turn off alerts:
    1. Choose Tools menu > Alerts Center > Setup.

    2. To turn off all instances of an alert, click to clear the check box next to the alert (the check mark disappears).

    3. Click OK.

    You can turn off an individual alert for a specific account. For example, if you turned on the minimum balance alert for your checking and savings accounts, but now you want to turn the alert off for your savings account, delete the alert amount for the savings account.



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