How do I modify addresses quickly?

If you want to make the same change to several addresses at once--for example, if you want to assign them all to the same group--click the Options button. You can assign several addresses to the same group, format several address in the same fashion, and more

  • Choose Tools menu > Address Book.
  • Click the Options button to change the contact information within the Address Book; for example, you can assign contacts to a group such as Family, then select all the contacts in that group and format their addresses in the same way.
    Select To
    Switch Names and Organization Switch the information in the first name and last name fields with the name in the organization field
    Switch Payee & Secondary Addresses Switch the payee address with the secondary address
    Format Address Format the selected address before printing
    Assign to Groups Assign the selected contact to a group (Christmas list, Family, Friends, Work)
    Select All Select all contacts in the list
    Select None Select none of the contacts in the list



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