How do I monitor my portfolio's asset allocation

As the value of your holdings fluctuates over time, you should also periodically monitor and rebalance your allocation. Before making changes to your current allocation, you should first talk to your advisor about the tax implications of selling securities you own.

  1. Click the Investing tab.
  2. If necessary, click the Allocations button at the top of the page. If you've previously set up a target asset alocation, then Quicken displays two pie charts: one shows your actual current asset allocation and the other represents your target asset allocation. Compare the target and actual percentages of each class.
  3. Use Show Accounts to select whether you want to view asset allocation for all accounts, investment accounts only, retirement accounts only, all your investment accounts, for a specific account, or for a customized group of accounts. (Optional)

To view additional information that provides context and helps you interpret the Asset Allocation snapshot, click the Show Allocation Guide button beneath the snapshot.

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