How do I print from the Address Book

Printing from the Address Book is not restricted to mailing labels or addresses. You can also print on envelopes and business forms (Quicken Home & Business only). You can even print phone lists.

  • Print a phone list
    1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.

    2. From the Address Book window, select the Group of information you want to print, such as Friends or Work.

    3. From the Column Set list, select Phones.

    4. Click Print.

    5. Select List.

    6. Click Preview to display the list before you print it. (Optional)

    7. Click OK.


    To change the print layout, edit the column set.
  • Print envelopes
    1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.

    2. Select the address or addresses that you'd like to print envelopes for.

    3. Click Print.

    4. Select Envelopes.

    5. Choose your print selection—for all records or only selected records.

    6. If you want to print your return address, make sure Print Return Address is checked, and select your return address from the list.

    7. Click Print.

    • To select adjoining addresses (step 2 above), click while pressing the SHIFT key. To select addresses that are not adjoining, click while pressing the CTRL key.
    • You must have your own address set up as a record in Address Book before you can select it as a return address.
    • If you use Quicken Home & Business, another option is to export the contact information from Address Book into Microsoft Word and use the Mail Merge tool to print the information onto envelopes. 
  • Print labels
    You can print some or all of the contact information in Address Book on labels. You can also print your return address on labels if you enter your address as a contact in Address Book. To format the address before printing, select the contact in the Address Book window, and then click Options > Format Address.

    1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.

    2. From the Address Book window, select the contact information you want to print. If you don't do so, Quicken prints your entire list.

    3. Click Print.

    4. Select Labels.

    5. Select a label format.
    • Tell me about the label format
      Make your label selection (above) from the Print On list. You can print all contacts in a group or selected contacts only. Enter the Row and Column number from where you want to start printing.

    6.Select the starting row and column.

    7.Click Print.

  • Print return address labels
    1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book.

    2. From the Address Book window, click New.

    3. Enter your name and address on the Payee tab.

    4. Click Print.

    5. Select Labels.

    6. Select a label format.

    7. Select Return Address (whole sheet).

    8. From the Return Address list, select your return address.

    9. Click Print.


    Quicken presorts the Address Book by last name. To change the sort order, click the column heading that you want to sort by.

    In addition to sorting the entries already displayed in the Address Book, you can show different sets of contact information by choosing to view a different group.


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