How do I project cash flow?

Project your account balances
Work with the Financial Calendar
Track your expenses on the Spending tab
Create a cash flow report to get the details
Project cash flow and work with reminders in a register
View the In/Out/What's Left snapshot on the Home tab
What if something goes wrong?

How do I get started with projecting cash flow?

  • First, add your spending accounts
    To project your account balances and get an accurate picture of your cash flow, you’ll need to create accounts in Quicken for all of the real-world accounts you normally spend money from—most likely, your primary checking account and your credit cards.

    See Add an account to learn how.
  • Finally, categorize your transactions
    Categorizing your transactions allows you to easily create Quicken reports and graphs to answer questions like:
    • • How much am I spending a month on groceries?
    • • How much do I receive each month in income?

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