How Do I Register Quicken for Windows?

Quicken for Windows 2014
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Beginning with Quicken 2014, Quicken will rely on the Intuit ID for maintaining product registration in addition to managing your product purchases, online portfolio and/or mobile sync account. If you purchased any Intuit product (Quicken, Quicken Essentials Mac, Turbo Tax, QuickBooks, etc.) in the past, or have logged into the Quicken Community online, you most likely already have an Intuit ID.

You can use this Intuit ID when registering your Quicken program by signing in with it, or if you are new to Quicken, you can choose to Create a new Intuit ID.

For more information on the Intuit ID, please see What Is The Intuit ID.

If you encounter issues during the registration process, please see Troubleshooting Quicken Registration.

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