How do I review and accept investment transactions I've downloaded?

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Quicken provides the opportunity for you to review transactions before accepting them into your investment transaction list. As necessary, you can add any new securities used in downloaded transactions to your Quicken Security List. Information is also available about the process Quicken uses to match downloaded investment transactions.

To accept all downloaded transactions into my Quicken transaction list

This option is available only for your first download into an account that you previously tracked manually.

  1. After you download transactions from your broker, Quicken displays the New Data Download window.
  2. Click Accept All.
  3. Click Next.
    • Quicken adds all transactions that it can process automatically into your transaction list.
    • Quicken displays a message box if any downloaded transactions require a manual adjustment. Click OK, and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • If your account was up to date before the first download, Accept All may result in many duplicate entries. It's better in that case to accept transactions one by one.
  • Any transactions that remain in your Downloaded Transactions list after you click Accept All are transactions that need to be reviewed individually. There may be Sell transactions for which you need to specify lots, for example, or other circumstances that Quicken can't handle automatically.

To review and accept downloaded transactions into my Quicken transaction list

  1. Open the account you want to work with (if it is not open already).
  2. Below the transaction list, make sure that the Downloaded Transactions tab is selected.
  3. If Quicken detects downloaded transactions for securities that aren't currently in your Security List, you're asked to match securities.
  4. In the Downloaded Transactions window, review each transaction for accuracy.
  5. Click either Accept to tell Quicken to enter it in the transaction list, or Delete to delete it.
  6. If you're matching a Sell transaction, you may be asked to specify lots for performance and tax tracking purposes.
  7. If necessary, click Continue to see downloaded transactions for any associated linked checking account.
  8. When you've finished accepting transactions, click Done.
  9. Review your investment transaction list and edit transactions as necessary to add any supplemental information (such as categories or memos).
  10. If your Quicken and brokerage portfolios don't agree, Quicken asks if you would like to enter adjustment transactions.


Downloaded transactions can be marked as either Matched, New, or Near Match. For an overview of the matching process and matching terminology, see Understand terms used in investment transaction matching. For additional assistance on working with special types of downloaded transactions, see Edit and delete downloaded transactions.

You can click Accept All to put all the transactions in your investment transaction list at once. However:

  • If any of your transactions involve lots, Quicken may not accept them until you choose the lots. These transactions will remain in your Downloaded Transaction list even after you've clicked Accept All—you need to accept or delete them individually.
  • If you've entered transactions into your investment list manually, Accept All may result in many duplicate entries. It's better in that case to accept transactions one by one.

To specify lots for a downloaded Sell transaction

If you're matching a Sell transaction, you may be asked to specify lots for performance and tax-tracking purposes.

If you're selling a security for which you have only one open lot, or if you're selling your entire holdings of a security, Accept All does not prompt you for lot information.


If Quicken won't let you click Accept for a downloaded Sell transaction, or if you've already clicked Accept All and now you have a Sell transaction in your transaction list without a related Buy, see the troubleshooting topic on this subject.

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